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What is "Magic"

This is a totally non-facetious question aimed mostly at those pagan/wiccans of you out there - but anyone should feel free to answer it.

What is magic? What makes something magic? The most base definition that I can think of is -

Using your will to affect the universe in a controlled manner.

But that applies to everything, brushing your teeth to walking the dog to flying on your broom. Also, does magic require divine assistance? Assuming I could do magical things using only the power of my mind (or whatever) would it be Magic(tm) if I didn't invoke assistance from one or more Gods?

I am completely serious about this question, although I probably won't be able to resist the occasional non-serious comment. Also I am a mathematician/computer programmer so I am by definition inordinately concerned with border conditions so when you say "Magic is X" I will invariably come back with "But what about Y?". This does not mean that I disagree with your statement, just that I want to know the boundaries of it.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to a very interesting discussion.
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Approve Ref.71

I like families and I vote

A vote to Approve Referendum 71
is a vote to Retain Washington State's Domestic Partner Law.

So I'm voting to Approve.

This was confusing to me at first. Not long ago I was hoping that R71 wouldn't have enough signatures to get on the ballot - because I was hoping that over 5000 families, families that live in every county of our State, wouldn't have to worry about whether or not they'll still have the protections that other families take for granted come November 4th.

But now, the best thing we can do for those families and every other family, including our own, is to make sure that Referendum 71 passes. Passes by so much that no one will even think of challenging the Domestic Partner Law again because they know that Washingtonians are solidly in favor of families, no matter what gender or age the spouses/parents are.

Head over to Washington Families Standing Together to find out more.
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two completely unrelated things - one good - one not

First the good thing, well it's kind of a good things if that makes any sense. Just discovered Pomplamoose on youtube. Both members of Pomplamoose has their own youtube channel as well. I've just started poking through their stuff but I like!

Then, I saw a poster for this (possibly not safe for work) outside the gym in the building where I work. (I work in the building but not at the gym) I'm speachless, and not in a good way.
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On Caffeine and Performance Reviews

I have been getting up at Five Freaking AM for the last month or so in order to have time to get on the tread mill in the morning in the hopes of rejuvenating my weight loss (I'm not gaining but I am plateaued). Logically this means that I should go to bed earlier if I wish to get the same amount of sleep. Going to bed earlier is harder than I thought it would be, and even on those nights when I do get to bed earlier I don't/can't actually sleep till the normal time and so I've been lacking sleep for a while now.

I normally eschew caffeine for the vile white powder that it is - but lately have been using it (mostly in it's green, carbonated and artificially sweetened form) to at least look like I'm working. This has the drawbacks of making it hard to focus on just one task at a time and of costing me too much money.

Today, however, I think the caffeine has actually helped. Today was the day that I went over my mid-year review* with my manager and caffeine does make me animated and lively in a way that is often lacking in my unaltered scandinavian demeanor. So much so that our meeting went way over time and at the end my manager said that he liked our conversation very much.

Thankfully, I'm on vacation starting in four hours and then I'll be able to sleep as long as I need/want.

* I feel a performance review rant coming on - maybe later tonight.
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Keyboard Kvetch

I only ever use my number pad for ... you guessed it .. NUMBERS. Why then does it sometimes boot up with the numbers lock off? Also is there some way I can turn the num lock button off - so that I can't miss the 7 hit the num lock and all of a sudden start doing things I don't mean to?

I'm contemplating setting num lock on then ripping the key out - except I'm worried that I'd trun it off in the rip out process then be stuck.

tiny grrrr
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Any YouTube experts out there?

I keep getting old videos in my YouTube subscriptions. Is there a good way to get them out of my subscription inbox? The best way I've figured out so far is to start watching them then switch back to the inbox.
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Music mostly fail

We're at the good will looking for costume material for Steamcon when I notice the rack of CDs. So I abandoned my honey to fend for herself in the hat section while I perused. There were also a bunch of Xbox games of which I had 6 picked out but then decided that the reason I don't play the Wii is that I don't have time not 'cause I don't have games and if I'm not even playing the Wii which is already hooked up then what makes me think I'm actually going to rehook up the Xbox and find time to play them? Nothing so I put those back and started scanning the CDs. I only made it through the first of three book shelves when I decided to give up but I thought I had found 3 CDs worth at least the $2.99 price.
  • Save Ferris - It Means Everything
  • Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
  • SkaCraze2: The East Coast Collection
I thought I'd done rather well, but after paying and driving off it occurred to me that I hadn't actually checked inside the cases to see which if any CDs where in there. Upon checking it turned out that Save Ferris and SkaCraze were the correct CDs but Crash Test Dummies was something called Regina Belle Passion. Oh well 2 out of 3's not so bad.

Ripped the other two to my mp3 player and listened to them at work. Save Ferris is Save Ferris and well worth the (now) $4.50. Started listening to SkaCraze2 and it's Jesus music -- Jesus Ska -- WTF??

Note: I assumed that Regina Belle Passion was some lame classical pops album but after looking it up to link I suppose I'll at least give it a try.
Bad Luck

Curve Ball

I was just going to post about how I didn't very much like Quantum of Solace - which I thought I would like and did very much like Hancock which I thought I wouldn't like and how expectation plays a huge part in how good you think something is ... then ...

I learned that my daughter's best friend from high school (12 or so years ago) was found dead.

And now I don't know what to feel.

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I've got a PhD in Horribleness

So we all know that I'm hopelessly behind the times. Case in point I just now saw Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Quite wonderful. I want the cd.

I tried to watch it when it came out but iTunes is such an awful hunk of software that I just couldn't.